Scaling up a power nap booking platform

Project summary

WorkInJoy faced the challenge of a legacy app with a large technical debt, and needed a replacement quickly to avoid losing customers. At the same time, they wanted to take the opportunity to completely rethink the structure of the product, integrating user feedback and capturing additional data points. Aurora Labs took on the development of a new design system, a new mobile app, and a new CMS, all aimed at creating a more user-friendly and seamless experience for the users. The result was a modern, intuitive platform that reflected WorkInJoy's brand and mission while also providing the functionality and reliability that their customers needed.


UI/UX Design

Mobile app development

CMS development

Quality assurance

Tech Stack

React Native


No-code Jet Admin

Client Context

WorkInJoy is a Belgian startup that specialized in wellbeing services for corporates

WorkInJoy offers a range of services that aimed at promoting employee wellbeing and productivity. One of their standout features is their "nap room," which provides employees with a peaceful, restful space to recharge during the workday. In addition to this exclusive service, the startup also offers a variety of workshops and training sessions designed to help employees develop soft skills, manage stress, and achieve work-life balance. Overall, WorkInJoy is committed to creating a positive, supportive work environment that helps employees thrive both personally and professionally.

Project goal and approach

Our mission was to ensure a seamless, modern user experience that would increase conversion and engagement

The goal of the collaboration with WorkInJoy was to help them move from a legacy app that was not meeting customer needs to a modern highly responsive app with a seamless onboarding and booking experiences. Our approach initially involved building a design system on Figma, which highlighted all screens, logics, and flows, based on content from workshops conducted with the startup CEO and end-user surveys data. Everything we created was meant to reduce the number of touchpoints to increase the attraction and retention rates of the mobile app. Using React Native, we built the app iteratively, allowing for early feedback from the client who was undecided about some elements. In parallel, we built a CMS end-to-end on JetAdmin, a no-code platform, so that the client could take ownership and refine text and design after the handover. Finally, we managed the full QA and release cycle to ensure a high-quality product was delivered. The entire project was conducted in just 3 months.

Project results

Powerful results delivered fast

"The team went above and beyond"

The entire experience was nothing short of fantastic. Marcin and Quentin truly excelled in their efforts, delivering an outstanding product that exceeded my expectations. One aspect that I truly appreciated was that the team was incredibly responsive, attentive to me needs, and kept me updated at every stage of development. It made the entire journey enjoyable and stress-free.

Sophie Geilenkirchen | CEO

5 orange stars
  • User NPS increased by 15 points following a survey released shortly after deployment of the V2.
  • The new user interface contributed to a 75% decrease in dropouts during the onboarding process.
  • From the initial workshop to product release, it took the duo less than 3 months.

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