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Project summary

Eager to transform their customer engagement strategy from scattered campaigns to seamless journeys, Flip turned to Braze for the ultimate solution. Our expert team drove and orchestrated the full integration journey. From capturing event triggers across every digital touchpoint to crafting engaging marketing workflows, we ensured Flip's transition was nothing short of spectacular. And with intuitive dashboarding, Flip now wields powerful data insights to fuel their success. Join the revolution with Braze – where every interaction becomes an opportunity, and every journey leads to triumph.


Customer data and engagement platform integration

Mobile app development

Analytics capabilities setup

Project management

Tech Stack

Braze API

Segment API

React Native

Client Context

Meet Flip: Spearheading a Shopping Revolution from the Heart of the USA

Flip is a shopping-centric social network that connects users with their friends and influencers to discover, share, and shop for products. Users can create profiles, follow friends and influencers, and share their favorite products through photos and videos. The platform incorporates features like product tagging, reviews, and personalized recommendations to enhance the shopping experience. Additionally, Flip offers a seamless shopping experience by allowing users to purchase products directly within the app. It aims to combine the social aspect of sharing recommendations with the convenience of online shopping, creating a dynamic community for both shoppers and sellers.

Project goal and approach

Integrate exisiting web and mobile apps to Braze to streamline user communication across digital channels

We embarked on this project with a rigorous analysis of data mapping strategies, ensuring meticulous alignment between Flip's digital products and Braze for seamless user data transfer. Working closely with Flip's development team, we integrated Braze into their existing web and mobile applications. This process involved implementing Braze SDKs into the codebase and configuring API endpoints with robust security protocols to facilitate seamless data synchronization.Following this step, our team orchestrated a comprehensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase, rigorously validating each integration point to ensure optimal performance and data integrity. Post-UAT, we transitioned into supporting Flip's marketing team, enabling them to leverage Braze's advanced automation capabilities.We facilitated the implementation of intricate automation workflows, meticulously engineered to trigger based on nuanced user interactions. Leveraging Braze's sophisticated event-based triggers, such as app opens, purchases, or abandoned carts, we orchestrated the delivery of personalized and contextually relevant messages to Flip's user base.Our approach was rooted in industry best practices, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to orchestrate a seamless integration between Flip's digital ecosystem and Braze. Through rigorous planning, execution, and ongoing support, we empowered Flip to drive unparalleled user engagement and conversions, solidifying its position as a leader in the competitive digital landscape.

Project results

Unlocking Success: The Impact of Braze Integration on User Engagement and Conversions at Flip

"Exceptionally talented team"

Aurora Labs is an exceptionally talented creative Team. They don’t only produces great code, but they evangelize great practices across the organization. I was impressed with their professionalism, communication, and quality of deliverables. A great remote collaboration, process, and experience overall. Unquestionably, I would work with Aurora Labs anytime again!

Konstantinos Dimakos | Product Designer

5 orange stars

1. Enhanced User Engagement: Leveraging Braze's advanceda utomation workflows and triggered campaigns, Flip experienced a significant boost in user engagement. Targeted and personalized messages based on user actions resulted in higher open rates, click-through rates, and overall interaction with the platform.

2. Improved Conversions: The strategic deployment ofautomated messages, tailored to user behavior and preferences, led to anoticeable increase in conversions. Whether it was encouraging users tocomplete purchases or re-engage with abandoned carts, Braze-enabled campaignseffectively drove conversions and revenue.

3. Data-driven Insights: The integration with Braze provided Flip with valuable data-driven insights into user behavior and campaign performance. Comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities enabled Flip to fine-tune its communication strategies, optimize campaigns, and make informed decisions for future marketing initiatives.

4. Streamlined Operations: By automating communication workflows and leveraging Braze's capabilities, Flip's marketing team experienced greater efficiency in managing campaigns. The streamlined process of setting up triggers and deploying messages allowed for more time to focus on strategy and creativity.

5. Positive User Feedback: Users responded positively to the personalized and timely messages delivered through Braze-enabled campaigns. The improved communication experience contributed to higher user satisfaction and retention rates, strengthening Flip's relationship with its audience.

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