Supercharge a wellbeing mobile app

Project summary

No Big Deal wanted to develop an employee wellbeing platform embedding a high degree of gamification to keep users engaged and healthy in the long run. The initial goal of this project was to refactor the MVP product based on the new branding and company vision. Once this initial phase was successfully completed in a record time, we entered into a long term contract to deliver on the innovative product roadmap.


UI/UX Design

Mobile app development

CMS development

Quality assurance

Tech Stack

React Native

PHP (Laravel)


Mongo DB

Client Context

No Big Deal is a Luxembourgish startup active in HR Tech

No Big Deal enables HR teams to create community wellbeing challenges (walking, running, ...) based on empathy and sustainability. Their mobile app is designed to adapt to how employee feel, enabling the engagement that employers need, They offer a wide range of services from team-building step challenges to custom training programs linked to sustainability goals. They have led initiatives with global brands such as L’Oréal, Kraft Heinz, BNP Paribas, etc with who they have witnessed amazing engagement rates.

Project goal and approach

Our mission was to move No Big Deal from MVP stage to product excellence in 5 months

No Big Deal had developed a MVP of their mobile platform to test the value proposition quickly on the market but were now faced with the challenge of scalability with a large technical debt. They took the opportunity of a rebranding to rebuild completely their product. In this context, they tasked the Aurora Labs team to bring their new vision to life. This project started with the creation of a brand new design system on Figma, enabling the team to prototype and test the idea early with their target audience. Once the designs and flows were confirmed, the team moved to development and completely refactored the mobile application. Despite the complexity of the project, this project was conducted end-to-end in less than five months. The client was so pleased with the result that they asked Aurora Labs to continue delivering on their product roadmap, which included social features, a fitness service to connect various types of sports bands and apps to No Big Deal, a payment platform, and many more. Overall, Aurora Labs helped No Big Deal to overcome technical challenges and create a seamless, user-friendly experience for their fast-growing userbase.

Project results

No Big Deal's journey to fast scalability

“The best team on the market”

We're so grateful to the team for helping us moving from an average product to an excellent one. They took on the challenge with enthusiasm and expertise, and within a few short months, they had completely revamped our design system and refactored our entire mobile application. The result was a seamless, intuitive experience for our users that truly reflected our brand and mission. Thank you!

Nigel Bergstra | Co-founder

5 orange stars
  • In less than 5 months, No Big Deal was able to communicate their new brand identity and voice through their products, creating a cohesive, user-friendly experience for their target audience.
  • The app's new user interface contributed to a significant increase in user engagement and satisfaction.
  • The technical debt of the mobile app was successfully eliminated, enabling No Big Deal to scale their product.
  • The continued partnership between No Big Deal and Aurora Labs has resulted in the successful implementation of new features and services that had a big impact on their sales results.

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